March—In Like A Lion.

an icy window on a cold March morning.Our calico cat named FrankieIt’s March 1st and its finally snowing outside. It’s cold like March is suppose to be and there isn’t much going on around here. The cats are staying inside.

Snow covered berries and branches

Jane and I headed out for walk, and to take some pictures of our winter wonderland.

Branches covered with fresh snow.

Jane and I both LOVE the snow.

Jane, our black lab mix playing in the snow

Some of the pictures came out really wild. I really like this one.

A mass of branches cover in frsh snow.

Happy Snow Day to all! Enjoy. I know we are.

Jared at Harrisville

I’ve been so busy finishing up this trimester at school and getting ready for the holidays I haven’t had a chance to post pictures from the wonderful class I took 2 weeks ago (December 8 & 9) with Jared Flood of Brooklyntweed.

I’ve taken classes with him in the past, he’s such a great teacher and Harrisville Designs is only 30-40 minutes from my house — I just couldn’t resist taking the 2-day workshop.

Here’s a look at the upstairs studio and a few women from class. We had just finished having lunch during which we watched one of Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Knitting Workshops.

This is Luna, Jared’s French Bulldog, she’s a sweetheart.

This is my girlfriend Lynda and it was her Birthday on December 8th. What a fabulous way to spend your birthday.

Loft Brand Yarn. Made in the USA by Jared Flood and Harrisville Designs. Super soft and it comes in so many beautiful colors.