>Tails Against Knitting Enjoyment


I was thinking the first thing I should do on my blog is to introduce what Stephanie Pearl-Mcphee calls (TAKE) my team against knitting enjoyment. 
I call them the tails against knitting enjoyment. We don’t have children, we do however have a house full of animals and neighborhood children. All wanting attention…

First it’s our 2.5 cats. Queen Josephine, AKA Josie Jo, then there’s Princess Franchesca, AKA Fussy Frankie, last but not least there’s Pete, he’s our half a cat, he doesn’t live here? Our neighbors claim him as theirs, but he clearly confused, he frequently sleep over and arrives every morning for breakfast without skipping a beat. All three are extremely spoiled, very vocal about their needs, and have dirty little feet causing me to spend many hours vacuuming and mopping when I would much rather be knitting. Last but definitely not least is Janey Dog. Clearly we love animals but a lot more knitting would be going on if they could feed, walk, and clean up after themselves.

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