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A Lovely Day in May

Lilacs, June 2013, OlannGraWorking around the house today, helping my husband get ready for the seasonal influx of anxious gardeners that make their way to our farm each summer. Took a couple pictures with my ipad mini. I’m getting to know Instagram and thinking up creative ways to use it. Here’s the link to my lovely Lilacs.

A Yarn Lovers Paradise

In the last week or so I’ve noticed the angle of the sunlight inching lower and lower. Yesterday the weather finally broke and its beautiful out now—cooler and much less humid. Even though fall is my 2nd favorite season, I’m feeling a little melancholy? I began reflecting on the summer and trying to remember the highlights. There aren’t many—I’ve been so busy with school and I confess I hate the humidity—it turns me into a listless fool. Like so many neglected things in my life, my abandoned blog waits for cooler weather and my graduate school completion (I’m almost there). Today, reflecting on a fun yarn day this summer I thought I would share a few pictures from the Massachusetts Sheep & Wool Festival on May 26 & 27th, in Cummington.