Farmers Market

Had wonderful day yesterday at the Farmer’s Market with a friend. The vegetables were incredible. Everything was so colorful I had to take some photographs.

Aren’t they spectacular?

The flower guy was there. I LOVE to make a bouquet when I go. We have 3 aacres of perennials, but my husband won’t let me plant annuals at home so it’s a great way to get on his nerves.

We started looking for vegeatbles that match the colors of my website, cute right?

Shamrock green and dark purpleโ€” a pretty good matchโ€ฆ

When I got home I took a picture of everything. The sun was getting low on the front porch, its not my best shot, but you see my treasures. Some beautiful peppers and cucumbers and patterns. I forgot to mention we went to Vermont Spinnery after the market. I’m very fortunate, I live only 20 minutes from there. We also went to knitordye to visit Rachel and drop off some of my sock yarn (mostly to cuddle Wesley Rachel’s new super sweet baby). Aaahhhโ€ฆ nice day on the town with my friend MaryAnn.

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