March—In Like A Lion.

an icy window on a cold March morning.Our calico cat named FrankieIt’s March 1st and its finally snowing outside. It’s cold like March is suppose to be and there isn’t much going on around here. The cats are staying inside.

Snow covered berries and branches

Jane and I headed out for walk, and to take some pictures of our winter wonderland.

Branches covered with fresh snow.

Jane and I both LOVE the snow.

Jane, our black lab mix playing in the snow

Some of the pictures came out really wild. I really like this one.

A mass of branches cover in frsh snow.

Happy Snow Day to all! Enjoy. I know we are.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Wishing everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day. Take time today to touch base with friends and family. This is what’s going at my house today. All of my orchids and African violets are in bloom. I took a few pictures of the pinks.

Orchid plant


Pink-african-violetA soft focus because it’s cloudy out this morning, and I try to shoot with natural light. You can still see the white frilly edges, so beautiful.

Salt and Pepper shakersMy husbands gave me these this morning for my collection of antique S&P’s. Aren’t they gorgeous! Happy Valentine’s Day to me.

Salt and Pepper shakers

Valentine's Day CardThis is my card, he knows I love Sweat Peas. There”s also a nice picture of sweet Jane in the post Sunday Blues from last July.

Pink sweet pea vineSpeaking of Jane my sweet Valentine girl… here she is refusing to look at the camera, protesting having to wait a bit for her morning walk.

Black Lab dog named JaneWell, I better get going… Happy day to all.