I have always loved color, light and shadow. By day I’m a graphic designer and budding web developer, but my absolute favorite time is when I’m dying yarn. I had experimented for years with dying yarn, mostly with things like food coloring and kool-aid. One day I signed up for a dying class at WEBS with Gail Callahan and I haven’t stopped since. It’s such a exciting process, the anticipation, the gratification—I just love it. Gail has turned out to be a friend and a great resources. Sharing all that she knows. She loves to dye and she loves to teach, check out her website kangaroodyer.com

Please leave constructive feedback—it promotes growth and improvement. You can also find me at Ravelry as RatiganKnits.

Why Olann Grã

Everyone asks what is Olann Grã? It’s Irish and the words translate to english as wool and love. Olann=wool and Grã=love. I put the words together because I thought they sounded great together and of course I truly LOVE wool. I come from a very long line of Irish folks and my Grandmother Ratigan was an expert knitter, she knit all the time and always produced garments upon each of my requests. I have sweaters and afghans that I still use to this day (the Irish Fisherman Sweater in the thumbnail image was made my Grandmother 30 years ago). Unfortunately she has passed away but her memory lives on in the many treasured hand-knit items she made for me over the years.. Her importance in my life can not be expressed in words. My business name is a dedication to her, my Grandmother, my Seanmháthair (shan-wah-her).

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  1. Hi Jen,
    It’s been abandoned while I went back to school. I just finished up—now I have a bunch of posts to write. Need to get in the habit again. Thank you. I’m headed to check out your blog now.

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