Happy Birthday Gram

My Grandma Helen was born in Revere Massachusetts on December 5, 1910, she died in 1988 at 77, the same age as my Dad was when he died last June. Today she would be 101.
When she died I was 24 and loved her dearly. I’m beyond grateful for the blankets she knit me and even still the sweaters she knit for me. Also for the many other things she instilled in me like a love of books and reading, a yearning to be smart, and of course to eat my vegetables. I still think of and miss my Gram often. I’ve taken some pictures of the blankets so others can enjoy her beautiful work, its so amazing….

A beautiful Irish fisherman’s blanket with cables and bobbles… I have a sweater that matches.

Gorgeous right… The next one is Tunisian crochet with embroidered violets in different shades of purple.

Thinking of her today… Wishing she were here so we could knit together.

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  1. A lovely tribute to your Grandmother.

    I often wonder if people realize how much these handmade gifts mean to us. I have some lovely items a neighbour of mine made for me. She lived to be 100. In many ways I thought of her as a grandmother and whenever I see the quilt she made and the beautiful cushions, I remember her fondly. Your post made me think of her again. Thank you.

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