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Web Standards today—Just watched CSS Crash course by Kevin Yank.
Here’s some of what I learned CSS is a presentational language used to layout and format web pages made up of properties, values, selectors,and rules. It can be used inline, embedded, or external.
Like all languages it has its own vocabulary
CSS Properties are used to add style to HTML documents.
The style and id attributes are supported by all HTML tags.
Properties are written like this <style: =red;

External styles are the most effective because they hold the rules for multiple page o a website within one linked css document. More organized and more powerful. The pages of a website download much faster because the browser only has to read one style sheet for the entire document (website).
<style type=”text/css”>
<style=”color: red; font-family: veranda; sans-serif />
color and font-family are properties and red, veranda, sans-serif are values. I think?
hash( # )character is a selector, it makes an element unique within the HTML document

“CSS Rule” is properties applied on a stylesheet and externally linked creating rules for browsers to follow.
Externally linked style sheets are the most powerful because they can be used on multiple pages throughout your website which means they save time. You can make a change on the linked style sheet and the change is made throughout. They also save download time because the browser only has to read and utilize one style sheet instead of multiple style sheets.They build continuity throughout a site like styles build continuity throughout a multiple page document or company brand.

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